My thoughts on lasagne

Lasagne is one of those traditional dishes that everyone has their own take on. My take is actually rather traditional, and people who tend to waver too much from the traditional recipe are basically infidels in my eyes. I’ve heard horror stories of people actually putting pineapple in their lasagne. Why, on earth, would you do that?

A friend of mine who I recently visited told me he tends to put in a splash of fish sauce for the extra umami taste. I was debating that a good recipe didn’t really need the addition of umami taste. He casually mentioned then that he had actually put some fish-sauce in the venison-stew I was eating at that moment. I casually mentioned then that I am very much allergic to fish, as I have always been for as long as I’ve known him. We panicked, we laughed, I debated whether to continue this friendship.. (Just kidding, this gives me very good guilt-tripping material).

Moral of the story: don’t mess with a good recipe.

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Dinner was served

Hurray, it’s the holiday! I have finished the year with my propaedeutics and kept an A- average. Very good way to start the summer!

However, ‘summer’ might be a bit of a liberal use of the word, as it is the Dutch lowlands ofcourse. We’ve had a few good days in springtime, but right now it’s just gushes of rain and heavy wind again. So the perfect time to retract to the kitchen and get my cook’ on.

As I’ve actually got time for some finer cuisine again, the bf is getting spoiled rotten with awesome food. He is, obviously, not complaining. A little while back I was feeling festive, so I decided I was going to cook him a three course meal. And what makes a good meal even more festive..?
That’s right, cocottes! (to be completely clear: the little pots, not the french prostitute kind).

I love my little pans, and I feel I may have neglected them a bit, so this dinner was going to be all about cocottes.

I mean, the food in itself is already great, but somehow a cocotte just elevates a dish..

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You better cherry-sh this tomatosoup.

Course 1 – Roasted cherry tomato-soup

Probably the only thing better than tomatoes are cherry (or grape)tomatoes. Bite-sized, sweet with just the right amount of tanginess, they are perfect for salads, quiches, pasta sauces and for sure soup.

This is a perfect example of the Italian ‘less is more’ cuisine. This pic shows the (virbrantly colored) ingredients.

I just noticed, these colors correspond to the italian flag!
I just noticed, these colors correspond to the italian flag!

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Clafoutis, j’adore

Course 2 – Cool Clafoutis

Traditionally, a clafoutis is a french dessert made with cherries. Since this is a side dish with springtime-veggies, which are clearly not cherries, the correct term actually would be ‘spring-veggie flaugnarde’. Just in case a french person askes, you know. You can call it a clafoutis to anyone else because it just sounds better, don’t you think?

Right, since this was part of a three course meal, I didn’t make any starch-dishes for the main course (pasta, potatoes.. none of it). I served the clafoutis with a steak and a simple salad. Filling enough! The marinade for the steak was simply this: the juice of 1 lime, the same amount of olive oil, and about 2 bulbs of garlic blitzed together. Pour this in a resalable bag, sprinkle a little pepper and then toss in the steaks. Just massage the marinade in the steaks every once in a while. Easy-peesy!

Back to the veggies. The picture (which is overwhelmingly green) shows the veggies which I intended to use, but I did end up with just a bit too much. So this would probably be fine for 4 persons instead of 2.

Go green!

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A-peel-ing baked apples

Course 3 – Baked Apple

Now this sounds more like a fall/winter dessert, and it kind of is, but it is just so good.

The combination cardamom and cinnamon, infused in a buttery soft apple.. delish!

This goes to show, that a little goes a long way

It is definitely possible to serve these with some ice cream, custard, whipped cream and whatnot. As you may already have figured out by now, it was the last course of a three course dinner, so I decided to serve just the apple, and it was wonderful.

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